Get to know your casino bonus

Get to know your casino bonus

The casino business is highly competitive. Consequently, casinos work hard to entice new customers to patronize their tables and slots and card games. To do this, both physical and online casinos offer different types of bonus prizes and playing amounts to their patrons.

To remain in business, casinos employ a myriad of tactics. One main tactic is having different types of bonuses depending on the players and types of games players are engaged in. It is important for casino patrons to understand the types of casino bonus that are on offer and that they can win and the rules behind playing those bonuses.

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List of best casino bonuses

Free money bonus

This is an amount of money that is offered by the casino to play with. A free money bonus is not dependent on the amount that the player wages. This bonus is a gift offered by the casino. For casinos to stay in business, this bonus is not usually a huge amount as it is meant to get more players to place their money in the available games.

Match bonus

This is a deposit that is purposefully for players. A match bonus is received whenever a player wages a certain amount to play with. Usually, this bonus is offered at a percentage of the amount the player wages. This bonus is often offered to new players who are depositing money in the casino for the first time. Also known as a welcome bonus, it is a mainstay of online casino bonuses.

Sticky bonus

As the name suggests, this is a bonus casino that cannot be enjoyed as part of the winnings. When a player wins a play that has this sticky bonus, they can withdraw their winning, but not their online bonus amount.

Loyalty bonus

This is one of the best casino bonus for the casino. This is a bonus that works like a retail store’s loyalty plan. When you are a regular customer of an online casino, you are eligible for a loyalty bonus. Different casinos have different rules and conditions that players have to meet for them to earn this loyalty bonus.

Exclusive bonus

This is another bonus that is mostly a mainstay of online casinos. This online casino bonus is offered by casinos when they have partnered with other service providers who would like to ride on their customer’s loyalty and patronage. Other businesses will then offer their services to the casino’s customers after they meet a certain threshold stipulated by the casino.  For example, a brewery would offer a discount on drinks delivered to the casino’s customers after they wagered specific amounts on their games.

These are the main types of bonuses that are offered in online casinos. The best casino bonus is offered to not only benefit the players, but mostly to help the casinos retain their players and also to attract new players into the casino.

No-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus offered by online casinos to their customers. This is a unique bonus as it does not require the customers to spend their money in the casino. Unlike a loyalty bonus, this bonus is an introductory bonus to new players who can use it to play their preferred games and enjoy the winnings fully if they win.

Since casinos are in business and they need to keep most of the money that players use in their establishments, there are rules stipulated to ensure that players do not take advantage of the bonuses that may lead the casino out of business. These rules or conditions for receiving bonuses are known as a wager or play through requirements.

Different online casinos have different play through requirements. As a result, players need to ensure that they read the fine print thoroughly and understand how to play to enjoy the bonuses offered.

To receive and enjoy any of the casino bonuses available except for the no-deposit bonus, there are play through requirements. The casino may require that, to enjoy a specific bonus, a player has to place up to a certain amount of money or to play several rounds of the game that offers the bonus.

How casinos treat bonuses

Different businesses are quite averse to handing out free money to their customers, but online casinos hold a different view. Casinos treat bonuses to their customers as part of their business strategy that in the long run looks at a healthy bottom line and continued survival in the casino business.

As a going concern, casinos are in the business of taking your money. They provide entertainment services, and they have to make a healthy profit to enable them to offer their services in the long run. This is true for both online casinos without many expenses and also offline casinos that need to pay rent, different government and salaries to their employees and also make a healthy profit for the owners and to justify remaining in the business for the foreseeable future.

Considering the above facts, giving a casino bonus to their customers is a risk to the business. But to casinos offering their customers, a bonus is their way of showing their appreciation to their customers. Casinos offer bonuses as a strategy to not only stay in business but to also make maximum profits from individual customers.

How they can achieve this is by employing the play through requirements. The play through requirements of different casinos varies, but all require that, for the player to win their bonus, they will have to spend an amount of money that the casino stipulates.

By doing this, the casino ensures that it takes advantage of the numerous numbers of customers that want to win the bonus and therefore its stipulation ensures that it does not suffer a loss when it eventually pays out the bonus.

Different types of bonuses are offered by different casinos and to different customers. As a good business strategy, a casino bonus is used to encourage players to play and to ensure that the house does not lose.