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Rating: ★★★★★
  • Bonuser: 100% upp till 9000kr + 110 free spins
  • Date created: 1996
  • License: Malta
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It is well documented and recorded that Intercasino was the first casino that initiated the trend that is now online gaming. Started in 1996, it is safe to say that Intercasino has massively impacted the I-Gaming industry, collecting a couple of internationally recognized awards to solidify its rank in the casino industry. With its huge payout sums and occasional promotions and bonuses, players have quickly warmed up to the casino with some identifying it as the best online casino. Other than those factors mentioned above, what makes this casino so popular and successful in the casino industry where some have failed. In this article, we closely review the attributes this legendary casino has put up its sleeve to stay ahead of the pack constantly.

Its accessibility, user-friendliness, and convenience

As mentioned earlier, Intercasino was the first casino to develop a platform for players to play casino games online. Back then, the internet was rapidly developing, and this innovation played a key role in what is now the main platform in which players enjoy their favorite casino games. Right away, you can immediately see the convenience this brings to the table. Players no longer had to make trips to the casino to play; rather they could do this in the comfort of their homes. All they had to do is have a proper internet connection and a computer.

Today the online games have never been more accessible. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet and a computer can enjoy their preferred game online regardless of where they are. An intercasinos application can be downloaded by players on any of the platform mentioned above.

It is so simple to do so, and I reckon within 2 to 5 minutes, you will be enjoying your favorite game that Intercasino has to offer. If you happen to have trouble doing so, there are steps that the casino has put in place to ensure you will not be frustrated or inconvenienced. For those who might not fancy the whole process of downloading the game, Intercasino allows you to play via their website. This means that by using your browser, you can play your favorite game just as good as the downloadable content.

By accessing the games through their website, one immediately realizes the effort put into the development of the site. The InterCasino website was redesigned and redeveloped as soon as 2005. This was done with the aim of making the site better for the sole purpose of enhancing the gaming experience.

As a result, the overall website is polished with high-quality graphics that are fairly appealing to look at. It is also relatively easy to use meaning players will have no problem when navigating the site. This is because of the way the game is arranged with the inclusion of search bars makes the player have an easier time browsing through the site especially when searching for their favorite games.

The Inter casino Review in town

Intercasino has yet another trick up its sleeve. With over 800 games, it is one of the largest online casinos to date. Players are spoilt for choice when it comes to Intercasino. But it must be noted that slot games feature the majority of these games with a monstrous 600 games in number for slot and slot variations.

This comes as no surprise as studies show that the most popular online casino games are slot games and slot related games. The quality of the games is quite remarkable, and from the get-go, one can easily see the high-quality graphic, game themes, gameplay and the great software development. The games are visually appealing and enjoyable as well.

To add on to the great gaming sensation, Intercasino added an amazing payout system that ranks high among the top casinos. Slot games that are offered by Intercasino have a 98-99% payout percentage. This is a pretty astronomical figure. Of course, different games will always have different payout percentages, and the same goes for casinos as well. But slots being the most popular games of all, have the highest payout ratios.

Blackjack, roulette and other video games follow closely behind with slightly lesser payout ratios when compared to slots, but are generally high when pitched against other casinos.

The customer care review

With a large number of players on their servers and web domain, there will always be cases of players who have grievances with regards to their account and difficulties with the games. That’s why Intercasino placed 24-hour customer care for the sole purpose of aiding players who have queries.

True to their actions players have massively benefited from this, and in light of these actions, Intercasino received a couple of awards. This customer care system is efficient as it is effective.  That’s why more and more players are hopping on board; hoping to get the best gaming experience the industry has to offer.

In conclusion

Intercasino has been at the pinnacle of the gaming industry for a while now, defining online gaming to the masses as time takes its course. Since 1996 to date, experience has been a key attribute to the casinos' development.

As it continues to embrace technology and innovation, the future looks positively bright. With current trends involving live gaming, it is only a matter of time before the casino breaks the industry with mind blowing and captivating games.

The gaming experience can be better with the inclusion of instant playing arcade mode, for the players who are into that sort of thing. But that doesn’t take away anything that they have accomplished in the past few decades. At one point they had the largest jackpot prize for players with cash rewards going up to slightly over a million dollars. It's easy to see why they continue to attract the bulk of players, especially on the online front. The gaming experience and the sensation players feel from playing games here can only be matched by a handful of casinos worldwide.

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